I conceptualized and presented a novel birth control technology idea.
The Idea.
What began as a project for a school project, became a central focus of my time. An in progress product, I'm looking to find a better solution to birth control options for women. 
The Product.
The Blush Barrier is designed to solve the issues regarding on-demand control of contraception while mitigating hormonal side effects. It is a tech-enabled non-hormonal barrier method of birth control. Constructed with materials safe for the body the blush barrier will be inserted to fit at the cervix. Operated through a phone application, as desired, the silicone material will close through a mechanism mimicking a motorized track prior to sexual intercourse to ensure pregnancy prevention.

Some things I had to consider when conceptualizing:
- What really is the core issue for women as it relates to birth control.
- Why are existing methods ineffective or unpopular.
- How realistic is the use of technology in a personal space
I am still working through these questions to better define the problem and thus the solution I am looking to create.


I surveyed roughly 130 women to better understand personal preferences and analyze data for common trends. I am reaching out to speak with industry leaders and medical professionals. I am continuing to iterate based on my findings.
To test my idea and receive feedback I worked with an Industrial Designer from Pratt Institute and submitted the concept brief to the second round of the renowned iF Design Talent Awards.
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